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A dedicated portal for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination

Dear Civil Services Aspirants,

The Civil Services Preliminary Exam, 2014 held on 24th August, 2014, was as already predicted on traditional lines. The focus being on the traditional subjects. This trend has been continuing since 2009.

The Test Series of Prelims Model Tests have been prepared after thorough research of UPSC's methodology and pattern of Questions. This is evident by the fact that more than 80% of the Questions of Paper I were covered directly or indirectly in the 50 Tests provided by Prelims Model Tests.

Similarly the 50 Tests of Paper II covered all the types of varied Questions asked in the exam like Comprehension, General Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Graph Interpretation, Verbal Logic, Non Verbal Logic, Simple Arithmetic etc.

This year PrelimsModelTests will be providing an Online Test Series consisting of 140 Full Length Tests, 70 Tests of Paper I and 70 Tests of Paper II with detailed explanation. As usual the Online Tests can be taken any number of time via Userrname and Password and the detailed solution can be downloaded in Pdf format on your computer. Few sample tests of Paper I and Paper II will be provided for your judgement of the quality of the tests. All the Tests will come with a free Preview.

The distribution of the questions of Paper I of the Civil Services Preliminary Exam since the introduction of the new syllabus in 2011 has been analysed as follows:

Indian Polity/Governance11181811
Geography including Environmental Ecology23252827
Indian History/Indian Art and Culture04101018
Indian National Movement09100405
General Science including Agro Science21112215
Economics/Indian Economy/India Year Book32261820
International Affairs/Current Affairs00000004

There have hardly been any question asked on direct current affairs in the past few years.

The Paper II of the Civil Services Preliminary Exam consisting of 80 Questions is a mixed lot on Comprehension, General Mental Ability, Logical reasoning and Basic Arithmetic.

The Test Series will begin from 1st January, 2015. The pricing scheme is as follows:

Paper I (70 Tests): 3500.00
Paper II (70 Tests): 3500.00
Both Paper I and Paper II (140 Tests): 6000.00

A Discounted scheme is available for those who enroll early as follows:

Orders placed in:September, 2014October, 2014November, 2014December, 2014January, 2015February, 2015March, 2015 onwards
Discounted Price for 140 Tests (70 Tests Paper I and 70 Tests Paper II):3000.003500.004000.004500.005000.005500.006000.00

You may place your Order here.

The new Civil Services Preliminary Exam syllabus can be Downloaded here
UPSC has provided some sample questions which can be Downloaded here