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The Civil Services Preliminary Exam, 2020 held on 04th October, 2020, was quite similar to 2019 exam in terms of questions between traditional topics and current affairs/international affairs. The four major topics namely 1. Economics/Indian Economy/India Year Book (22 questions), 2. General Science including Agro Science (21 questions), 3. Indian Polity/Governance(17 questions) and 4. Geography including Environmental Ecology(16 questions) had a total of 76 questions. The rest covered the balance 24 questions. Quite a few questions were analytical also which required some analysis and decision making. Quite a few questions were asked in round about manner rather than in a simple way. Overall the test was slightly difficult than previous year's tests.

Although the distribution pattern changes every year. This year there were only 8 questions from Indian National Movement and only 11 from Indian History/Indian Art and Culture. Questions on International Affairs/Current Affairs were also only 5.

The distribution of the questions of Paper I of the Civil Services Preliminary Exam since the introduction of the new syllabus in 2011 has been analysed as follows:

Indian Polity/Governance11181811130524192117
Geography including Environmental Ecology23252827190813142216
Indian History/Indian Art and Culture04101018061307121211
Indian National Movement09100405080307080308
General Science including Agro Science21112215060309081221
Economics/Indian Economy/India Year Book32261820232722232022
International Affairs/Current Affairs00000004254118161005

You can see that 75 to 90 Per Cent Questions are on traditional topics like Indian Polity and Governance, Geography including Environmental Ecology, Indian History/Indian Art and Culture, Indian National Movement, General Science including Agro Science and Economics/Indian Economy/India Year Book.

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Paper I Tests Paper II Tests Previous Years Solved Papers Download Free Ebooks on CSAT Order Online Frequently Asked Questions