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Dear Civil Services Aspirants,

The Civil Services Preliminary Exam, 2018 held on 03rd June, 2018, was quite similar to 2017 exam in terms of questions between traditional topics and current affairs/international affairs. The three major topics Economics/Indian Economy/India Year Book (23%), Indian Polity/Governance (19%) and International Affairs/Current Affairs (16%) covered almost 58% of the questions. Quite a few questions were analytical also which required some analysis and decision making. Quite a few questions were asked in round about manner rather than in a simple way. Overall the test was slightly difficult than previous year's tests.

For Preliminary Exam 2018 PrelimsModelTests had provided a new format "Smart Ten Series" which consisted of 10 Tests based on one year relase of Press Information Bureau and current Affairs. However, out of 16 Questions on International/Current Affairs only 5 to 6 Questions were from this Test Series.

At the same time "Time Less Super 100 Series" which consisted of 100 Tests on all the traditional Topics based on various previous years exams of UPSC and other State PSC Exams was quite helpful and many Questions of 2018 Preliminary Exam were indirectly from it.

Now, that the trend of the UPSC Prelims is quite stable since the past three years with questions being asked both from the traditional topics and the current affairs/international affiars, PrelimModelTests will be prividing Test Series in two formats:

1. "Smart Ten Series": This will consist of 10 Test Series based only on Current affairs/intrnational affairs with special emphasis of Government of India's latest policies and guidelines (Test Series to be revised after January, 2019).

The "Smart Ten Series" is of Immediate Importance to those who are appearing in Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2019 as even one Question can decide your selection in Preliminary Exam. Now only Paper I is the selection criterion and there is no optional in Prelims Exam unlike previous years before 2011 when candidates used to get selected on the strength of their optional subject. Paper II (CSAT) is also only Qualifying since 2015.

2. "Time Less Super 100 Series": This will consist of 100 Test Series based on traditional topics only which has been compiled over a period of more than 10 years and is based on the various preivious years tests of UPSC's different exams as well as different State Government's Public Service Commission's exams.

The "Time Less Super 100 Series" is of Prime Importance to those who are preparing early for UPSC Preliminary Exam as they get the idea of various types of traditional questions (General Science, Indian History, Art and Culture, Geography, Indian Economy, India Year Book, Indian Polity/Governance, Indian National Movement etc. asked in UPSC Preliminary Exam.

All the tests are downloadable in pdf format for which printout can be taken at your end. The Tests can also be taken in online format which is designed to deduct 1/3 mark for wrong answer thus giving you the real feeling of UPSC Preliminary Exam. Online Tests can be taken any number of times. All the tests have detailed solution in pdf format which can also be downloaded.

Now, All the tests come with unlimited validity.

In addition, PrelimsModelTests will be providing Solved Paper of Civil Services Preliminary Exam from 2001 to 2018 with Detailed Explanation. This will enable the candidates to gauge the UPSC's pattern of Preliminary exam as well as give the benefit of any repeated Question asked from the Previous Years' Exams.

Those who are appearing in the exam in the coming years can also enroll now and start taking the benefit of the tests now.

The distribution of the questions of Paper I of the Civil Services Preliminary Exam since the introduction of the new syllabus in 2011 has been analysed as follows:

Indian Polity/Governance1118181113052419
Geography including Environmental Ecology2325282719081314
Indian History/Indian Art and Culture0410101806130712
Indian National Movement0910040508030708
General Science including Agro Science2111221506030908
Economics/Indian Economy/India Year Book3226182023272223
International Affairs/Current Affairs0000000425411816

There has been significant increase in the questions on current affairs/international affairs with special focus on Governmet's Policies since 2015.

This is the same trend of the UPSC Prelims exam as it was prior to 2009. Till 2008 maximum questions were from current national and international affairs and since 2009 the trend had changed focussing on traditional topics rather than current affiars.

The Paper II of the Civil Services Preliminary Exam consisting of 80 Questions is a mixed lot on Comprehension, General Mental Ability, Logical reasoning, Analytical Ability, Data Interpretation and Basic Arithmetic. Now, more and more questions are being asked on Passage Reading and English Comprehension.

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